Ted Field

Founding Member

Ted Field has a distinguished 35-year career of notable success in both the music and film industries. In addition to his endeavors in the entertainment industry, Ted has been an early adopter of technology since the 1980s, beginning with his strategic investments into companies primed to innovate the movie business.

Ted bought Panavision, the leading analog camera company in the motion picture business in the early 1980s. After acquiring the company, he replaced the CEO to pivot the company to focus on digital hardware assets and modernizing its business model. His efforts led to a sale of the company four years later, at a profit of roughly $100 million.

Field then became a seed round investor in an early digital ad serving company called Strategic Data. Ted was an active participant on its Board of Directors until it was sold to Fox Interactive Media, several years later, for a profit of roughly $95 million.

Along with championing early technology adoption, Ted is a renowned figure in the entertainment industry, having produced over 60 major theatrical motion pictures. Collectively, his films have generated nearly $7 billion in worldwide revenue and include include Academy Award nominated titles such as The Last Samurai.

In addition to his accomplishments in film, in 1990, Ted co-founded Interscope Records – arguably the most successful independent record label of its time – and the signer of artists including Eminem, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, and The Wallfowers.

In addition to his work in film, television, music, and technology investing, Field has recently served on two startup tech company boards before joining Diode as a general partner, where he brings his unique experiences, contacts, and skills to help our portfolio reach its highest potential.