Omar Bakr

Advisor & Investor

Dr. Omar Bakr is a Silicon Valley veteran and an expert in wireless broadband and mobile technologies. Omar brings to Diode over 11 years of experience
in the industry as Founder and Chief Scientist of Tarana Wireless, where he developed the knowledge and understanding necessary to bring new
technologies to market. Tarana is one of a small group companies that have succeeded at transforming groundbreaking science and technology into industry-changing commercial products.

Omar has been a key contributor to Tarana’s growth on several fronts and is one of the key architects behind the company’s gigabit-speed wireless broadband technology. Through his tenure at Tarana, Omar also held led business development and partnerships efforts and spearheaded plans to secure the necessary financing to meet critical milestones and reach sustainable growth.

Prior to founding Tarana, Omar was a member of the Technology Infrastructure for Emerging Regions (TIER) Group at UC Berkeley, where he worked on designing and deploying WiLDNet, a low-cost/high-performance solution for rural connectivity that powered one of India’s first rural telemedicine networks.

Omar has authored several wireless patents and published 12 technical papers on signal-processing, multi-antenna beamforming, wireless spectrum reuse, and networking. He receivedhis Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT in 2001 and 2003, and Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2010.

At Diode, Omar’s profound understanding of technology, hardware, and leadership help select and serve our portfolio projects on their paths to market.