Eric Moe

Founding Member

Eric built an esteemed career over decades in Silicon Valley and is personally responsible for turning ideas into globally adopted platforms.

Eric’s history of execution includes growing two companies from their nascent garage stage to over 600 employees. He has collectively co- founded or founded four companies, three with exits totaling over $2.8 billion, and a fourth that is still growing. Eric’s innovations include co- founding OpenTable, a global restaurant reservation platform now powering worldwide restaurant bookings for google.

His history of creating and scaling new technology began in 1986 with the founding of Cadd Systems International, a SunVAR and OEM that specialized in building software for the AEC (software Architecture Engineering and Construction) industry. Over seven years, Eric grew the company to 35 employees and $5 million in annual sales before selling to NCPI.

Next, Eric went on to build technology for Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, and major retailers. These projects included Safeway’s secret shopper and Club Card programs, a deal writing system for Kraft, a warehouse lending system for Countrywide, mapping technology for the City of San Francisco, and software for Mitsubishi.

Since the early 2000’s, Eric served as the CTO of WideOrbit, growing the company into a global advertising power. Today, WideOrbit manages over $36 billion in annual ad spend and has completed eight acquisitions.

Eric lends to Diode Capital his decades of operational and technical experience in growing garage- stage startups to successful IPOs. He is a primary factor in helping our fund select and grow the companies in our portfolio.